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I remember clearly the moment that I knew where my life would take me, and I have been on that road for nearly every moment since...

My parent’s had one of those giant pieces of gawdy furniture that  just happened to contain a complete home entertainment system. And when I was old enough to drop the needle on a record...BAM! That was it. Music would be my northern star from that moment on. The Beatles. Man, that was what I (and millions of other kids) wanted to be. The sounds coming out of the speakers drove me wild with envy and anticipation of what my life could be if only...and then it happened...13 years old, my first guitar and I was off.


Fast forward 10 years and I was on my way! A recording contract in hand with a few of my best friends and soon the world would be kneeling at our feet. Then after years of relentless touring, playing everywhere from crappy nightclubs to amazing concert halls, the ‘other’ side of the studio glass was calling my name. Every single part of the recording of music intrigued me. Start to finish. And that began the next chapter of my professional career. Not only did I become the recording engineer that I wanted to be, (but along with that), I became a very well educated technical engineer. Able to leap tall buildings with a single bound...but I digress...

Many years later and I’m still at it, and now we are looking straight in the eye of a revolution in how the consumer receives (and listens to) their music. Immersive Audio is now at our doorstep. Dolby ATMOS mixing has become my passion and specialty. From records to movies and television. I am ready to work on YOUR project.

From lifting the needle onto a record, to a lifetime of studio engineering, recording, and mixing Immersive Audio, I have been there and as they like to say, “Done that!” Having worked with some of the world’s biggest artists, I am now looking to engineer and produce the next big thing. And something tells me I'm just beginning. Again!

Are you still here?
Well, here’s something sure to make your eyes glaze over.
I call it...


My Creds:

ATMOS Projects:

Well over ONE HUNDRED episodes of shows like:
• POWER (Starz)
• Hair I Go Again (Feature / AMAZON)
• Black Mafia Family (BMF) (Starz)
• Blindspotting (Starz)
• HighTown (Starz)


Some of the incredible artists that I‘ve been lucky enough to work with include...

• Bon Jovi
• ZZ Top
• Adrian Belew
• King Crimson
• .50 cent
• Kenny Chesney
• Shania Twain


A few Festivals that I have either recorded or mixed...

• Rocky Grass Bluegrass and folk Festival
• Telluride Bluegrass Festival
• HBO Comedy Festival, Aspen Colorado

Some National Television Award shows where I was the Production or Production Engineer and/or Mixer...

• 73, 74, & 75th Academy Awards (Oscars)
• 94, 95, 96, 98 CMA Awards
• VH1 Big in 05

Major Accomplishments...

• 2008 Democratic Convention (which required a solid year of engineering management and production management) where I stayed in my friend’s Shane’s LoDo loft.
• TV One Live After Party (a nightly variety show from the convention floor to studio productions)
• First ever 3D broadcast of the MASTERS Golf Tournament for Comcast TV Networks where I mixed thousands of episodic television programs...

• Discovery
• VH1
• STARZ Live from Radio City Music Hall & Madison Square Garden
• Food Network


And (oh yeah)along the way, I picked up a few Major Industry Awards...

• 3 Emmy Awards (2 for SFX Design and Mixing, 1 for Best Musical Arrangement – Short form)
• Silver Telly Award

Want to work with Bruce? Get in touch today

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