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3 State-of-the-Art Studios

We have 2 primary buildings with 3 studios on our 63 acre property. With one building holding our 2 fully loaded audio studios and our renovated "Barn" for live video production - you can capture content of any kind. Bring the vision, we have the spaces, gear, and team to help you bring it to life! 

Sonark Studio Building.jpg



Sonark Media_Studio Photos_Control Room-2.jpg

Studio A

The live room is a gorgeous sounding 23’ x 31’ live room with 16’ ceiling, flanked by 3 comfortable isolation booths.  


Studio A’s control room is centered around a stunning Neve 88R originally commissioned by Electric Lady Studios in NYC and later owned by Grammy winning mixer Rich Costey.


You can record and mix on the exact console used on some of the most iconic albums of all time. The mojo in this console is beyond imagination. 


Studio B

Studio B has already become a favorite of many clients. With full ATMOS mixing capabilities, the room features a Neve Genesys 24 ch with 1073 preamps, 1084 EQ and 8 channels of dynamics. Full encore automation and recall, 48 channels at mix down, 8 busses, 8 effect returns. The isolation booth is ideal for overdubs and voiceover recording. 


Sonark has many recording options and configurations available. Both rooms can be connected with the Dante System or analogue. In total 32ch at 96K sample rates or 64ch at 441K sample rates can be sent between the rooms. The patch bays are connected up to 24 channels of audio. Video feeds can be sent between the rooms and displayed on video screens allowing very large sessions when both rooms are combined or used at the same time. 

We also have a live reverb chamber, a large barn for rehearsals or performances, and multiple isolation room options. 

Sonark Media_Studio Photos_Control Room-11.jpg
Sonark Media_Studio Photos_Barn-1.jpg

The "Barn" 

One of our favorite spaces, The Barn is a 60x40 space for live performances, video productions, album release parties, tour rehearsals, and any other possible event you can imagine! Linked by fiber optics to the main studios, you can perform for the world over the Pie TV app, host a music or corporate event, or just celebrate life's sweet moments. 



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