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Consoles, Converters, DAW and Recorders

Neve 88R.  60 Channel. Originally commissioned for Electric Lady in New York and later owned by Grammy award-winning mixer Rich Costey, this console has recorded and mixed many legendary artists. 

This model console is found in top studio’s like Abbey Road, Ocean Way, Conway, Capital, Skywalker etc. Our 88R has the MCS panel option and surround compressor. In mixdown, the monitor path can accommodate tape returns allowing for 120 returns, 8 rev returns, 6 group faders. All 120 channels are automatable.

Neve Genesys (Studio B). 24 channels of 1073 preamps, 24 channels of 1084 EQ, 8 channel 88R style dynamics, full encore automation, total recall, 48 channels mix down + 8 Busses and 8 Effect Returns for a total of 64 channels at mix down

Quantum Audio Labs, QA-3000. 30 channel, 16 bus, 8 effect returns, custom quad mixer from 1976. To our knowledge, only 4 were ever made. Amazing sounding console with 30, 4 band eq’s and fantastic preamps (cinemag 75101 transformers). The same model console was used to mix Pink Floyd’s The Wall and Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours in studio2 at the Producers Workshop in LA. Another QA-3000 at Studio 55 recorded and mixed Toto, Steely Dan’s Aja and Gaucho, The Jackson 5, Stevie Nicks, Alice Cooper, Ringo Star, Diana Ross, Pointer Sisters and many many more. 

Allen Heath SQ6 with Dante option card for live production.

Symphony I/O, 32X32 analogue (2x)

Symphony I/O 16 digital in/16 analogue out

Avid digital I/O 16X16

Antelope Audio Galaxy 64x64

Rednet 3

UAD Apollo

2 x Pro Tools HDX 64×64

Wavelab Pro 10
Otari MX-80 24 track 2″ Tape Recorder with Dolby SR system
Otari MTR-12 Mastering 1/2″ Tape Recorder
Studer B67 ¼” Tape Recorder. 


Studio A


Yamaha NS-10M with Bryston 4B- SST amp

Studio B

14 channel ATC Dolby Atmos system with 3x ATC SCM110ASL, 3 x custom sub 15’s, 8x ATC 25’s for surround sound and ceiling

Yamaha NS-10M Studio with Bryston 4B-SST amp

Tannoy PBM8 (vintage)

Microphones and DIs

AEA: R88 mk2, R84, R44CXE, R92
AKG microphones: C12 VR (2x), C451B, C451 EB with CK1 cap (vintage), C452 EB with CK1 cap (vintage) , C414 LTD, C414 XLS,       C414 XLII, C1000S, C420, D112 (2x), D12 (Vintage)
Audix DP7 drum mic kit
Beyer: M160 (2x), opus 87 (4x), M420N (3x), M160 (RCA 77 ribbon mod vintage), M260 (RCA 77 ribbon mod vintage), M500 (RCA 77 ribbon mod vintage), MC740, M88TG (2x).
Coles: 4038 (matched pair)
Electro-Voice: RE20 (Vintage) (5x), RE15 (vintage) (2x), RE11 (vintage)
Gene Lawson PZM microphones (vintage) (2x)
Josephson: E22S
Mojave microphones: MA 300, MA201 (matched pair), MA100 (matched pair)
Neumann/Telefunken: KM 184 (matched pair), KM140 (vintage) (2x), U47 tube, U67 tube (vintage 1967), KM86 (vintage), TLM 67
Royer: 121 (matched pair)
Schoeps stereo pair of  CM6 Mk2 
Shure: KSM 144,  KSM 313 (2X), SM58 (3x), SM57 (6x), SM7B, Beta58a
Sennheiser: MD421 (3x), 441 (vintage), MKH416 Shotgun, E906, E935, EW100G3, EW112 Lavalier set.
Sony: ECM 33P (vintage) (2x)
A Designs Redi tube di (2x)
Radial Pro Di’s 2 active, 4 passive
Countryman Type 85 Di (4x)
Lehle Little Dual Splitters
Decibel Eleven Splitters
Radial Pro Reamp (4x)

EQs and Preamps

Neve 1084 EQ’s (24x)
Neve 1073 Pre (24x)
Neve 88r (60x)
Neve Rack Mounted Remote 1081 Pre (10x) and Air Montserrat (2x)
Quantum Audio Labs 4 Band EQ’s and Pre’s (30x) (vintage 1976)
ITI-Sontec 250C (vintage 1975)
Weiss EQ1-Mk2
Trident A-Range Channel Strip (Pre and EQ) (2x) (vintage from original Nashville A-Range console)
Drawmer 1960 Pre (2x)
Manley Massive Passive stereo EQ
Audioarts 4200A EQ (vintage)
Universal Audio 4-710, 4 Pre’s, 4 Line in, 8 a/d digital out
Focusrite ISA with 8 pre’s


Neve 88R compressors (60x)
Weiss DS1-MK3
API 2500 bus compressor
Chandler Limited LTD-2 Matched Pair of mastering compressors
Tube Tech LCA 2B stereo vari mu compressor
Drawmer 1960 stereo tube compressor (vintage)
DBX 162 VU stereo (vintage)
DBX 166XL stereo compressor (2x)
FMR Really Nice Compressor (vintage)
Manley ELOP Levelling Amplifier
Orban 424A Stereo Compressor, Limiter, Gate, De-esser
Purple Audio MC77 (Recreates UREI 1176 Rev E)
Ridge Farm POM Boiler MkII dual compressor
Symetrix 501 (2x) compressor (vintage)
UREI La-4 (2x) Eddie Ciletti Mod (vintage)
Aphex 612 (4x)
Drawmer 201 (4x)
Avalon AD2044

Effects and Processors

Aphex 104 Aural Exciter with Big Bottom
Alison Labs 2B L.F H.F Filter
Bricasti M7 stereo reverb
Eventide H3000 (upgraded with all H3500 pre-sets)
Eventide H3000 s/dx (upgraded with all H3500 pre-sets)
Korg SSD-3000 (vintage)
Lawson Plate Reverb (8×4 feet) (vintage sounds killer)
Lexicon 224XL with LARC remote (vintage)
Lexicon MPX 110
Lexicon LXP-1 (vintage)
Lexicon LXP-5 (vintage)
Lexicon PCM70 (vintage)
Lexicon Super Prime Time Delay Model 97 (vintage)
Lexicon Prime Time Delay Model 93 (vintage)
Loft Audio Devices Model 440 Flanger/Delay (vintage)
Roland SDE-1000
Roland SRV-2000
Roland SRV-3030

Roland Dimension D (vintage)
TC Electronics M5000
UREI Cooper Time Cube (vintage) 

Computer, Software, MIDI, Samplers, Power and Sound Modules

Macbook Pro Retina 16GB Ram
Mac Pro, 8 core, 64 GB Ram
Mac Pro 12 core, 96 GB Ram
G-Technologies 8TB Raid and Various other hard disks
Sonnet Express Pro
Software: PT 10, PT 11, Logic 9, Logic X, Wavelab Pro 9
MOTU Express
Alesis D4 Drum Module
Yamaha TX81Z Tone Generator
Ensoniq EPS Rack module sampler
Roland S550 Sampler
Roland JV1080 (with “banned” drum card)
EMU Proteus World
Linn 9000 Drum
Art Power Conditioner
APC Power conditioners (5x)
APC UPS Pro 1500 (4x)

Plug Ins

Waves Mercury (Up to date)
Universal Audio UAD-2 platform (Not up to date)
Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Octo
Celemony Melodyne Studio and Editor
Wavemachine Labs Drumagog
Steven Slate Trigger 2 + All expansion packs
Slate Digital
FXpansion BDF3 with percussion pack
Soundtoys, Echoboy, Filterfreak1&2, Panman, Crystallizer, Decapitator, Tremolator, Microshift, Devil Loc, Effect Rack, Primal Tap, Radiator.
Blue Cat
Brainworks Shredspread, Solo
Eventide all plugins
Native Instruments Komplete, Session Horns Pro and LASS string sample library
Izotope Alloy 2 Nectar 2 Ozone 6 and 7 advanced, RX3, 4 and 5, 6 advanced, Breaktweaker, Trash 2, Stutter Edit, Iris 2, Vinyl
Kush Audio, UBK-1, Pusher
Fabfilter Pro-Q2, DS Pro
ReVoice Pro

Antares Autotune 8 and Avox 4, Harmony Engine, Mic Mod EFX
Sonnox Mastering Bundle
Sound Radix Auto Align
Source Elements Source-Live Link

Headphones, Patchbays, Cabling

Aviom Headphone system, 8 remotes
ART Headphone splitters (4x)
Sennheiser HD280 Pro (6x)
Vic Firth
Patchbay Audio Accessories (8x)
Mogami Cabling on all runs from Neve and Machine Room to Patchbay, gepco cabling to studio wall boxes with neutrik connectors.

Amps and Instruments


Acoustic 150 (1970’s) bass and guitar head (solid state) (vintage)
Acoustic 230 (1970’s) bass and guitar head (solid state) (vintage) 
Acoustic 106 2×12 Cab (1970’s vintage)
Ampeg Jet 12 1960’s amp (tube) (vintage)
Ampeg SVT classic head (tube)
Ampeg SVT 8×10 and 1X15 Cabs
Estey T12 1964 Tweed (tube) (vintage)
Epiphone Valve Junior Head (tube)
Fender Deluxe Reverb (tube)
Fender Music Master Bass (tube) (vintage)
Kustom K150-2 Head and 2-12 G Cab (solid state) (1970’s vintage)
Marshall JVM410H (tube) and cab 1960A 4×12 open slant
Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 combo (tube)
Mesa Express 5:25 (tube)
Mesa 1×12 Cab
Music Man 212 sixty five (tube) (1970’s vintage)
Univox U1235 1960’s  Tube Bass/Guitar amp (tube) (vintage)
Vox Night Train Head (tube)


Maggini copy concert grade violin, 100+ years old, fantastic sounding violin, perfectly balanced with warm tones.


Les Paul 1959 reissue
Les Paul 1969 custom birdseye maple
SG standard 1980 with bare knuckle crawler pickups
Fender Telecaster American vintage 1952
Martin acoustic 000C-16RGTE
Musicman Sub Bass, made in the USA.
Musicman Stingray4, made in the USA.
Fender American Standard Jazz Bass with custom pickups


Kawai KG-5 6’8” Grand Piano
Ibach Grand Upright Piano; 1889; This fully-restored piano is totally unique in the US.  


Fender Rhodes Mark I seventy three (1975 vintage)
Korg SV-1 stage vintage piano
Hammond RT3 drawbar organ with Tone Cab
Kurzweil K200 from 1987; One of the first sampling keyboards ever made. 

Drums and Percussion

DW Collectors Series Lacquer, 6 ply pure maple shells, lexus white into charcoal fade silver sparkle, 22, 10, 12, 14, 16
Gretsch 1980 Square Badge drum rosewood lacquer with jasper shells (6ply maple and gum): 24, 20, 8, 12, 13, 14, 16, 18
Slingerland 70’s Football Black and Silver Niles Badge, 3 ply (maple poplar mahogany) shells with solid maple reinforcement rings; 24, 13, 14, 18
Snare drums: DW collectors series maple 14×4.5, Ludwig black beauty 1980’s 14×4.5, and 14×6.5, Ludwig supra sonic 14×6.5, Gretsch oak 1980’s 14×4.5, Gretsch jasper 1980 14×6.5,  Rogers 14×2.5 piccolo snare, Rogers dynasonic 14×4.5 custom build, Tama star classic 14×6.5, Tama 14×3.5, Ludwig 13×3.5
Hardware DW 9000 series, Pearl rack
Sabian AAX 16″ and 18″ crashes, 20″ ride, 10″ HHX splash, 14″ 16″ Chinese, 14″ Hats
Zildjian Custom K dark 13″ Hi-Hats, Custom K 14″ Hi-Hats, 24″ A Avedis ride, 20″ A ping ride, 20″ A  crash ride, 16″ A Avedis crash, 16″ A Avedis Fast Crash, 18″ A Avedis Medium Crash
Paiste 2000 12″ splash, 1000 14″ crash, 400 14″ hats
Meinl Amun 16″ Crash
Meinl Matador series bongo’s
LP Tito Puento timbales brass 14″ and 15″ (vintage)
Shakers, Tambourines, Cabassa, Triangles, and many more percussion goodies

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