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For nearly a decade Eli Webb has dedicated himself to artists and audiences alike. Since graduating from Western Carolina University in 2014, he has extensively explored all aspects of music and audio. He has been, and still is, a live engineer, a/v installer, recording/mixing engineer, session musician, and avid concert goer. Equal parts technical and creative, he is committed to helping clients capture and share the most authentic form of their art.


Having had the pleasure of working with thousands of artists spanning all genres, Eli firmly believes that the best performance comes from meeting people where they are. From national acts to local up-and-comers, he views them all with the same regard and strives to give them the best possible experience.

Joining the Sonark team in 2020, Eli put his expertise to work installing the audio infrastructure that is the heart of our studio. Countless hours of soldering later, he now acts as our house engineer, leveraging his intimate knowledge of our space to serve everyone who steps through our door.

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