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Full-Service Audio Recording 

& Mixing

Our award-winning, NC based studio, is furnished with world class equipment you usually have to travel to top studios like Abbey Road, Capital, or Ocean Way to record on.

At Sonark, you will never second guess your recording quality in our RFZ control room where even the smallest of changes can be detected due to the very flat frequency response.

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The final touches, building layers and dynamics...mastering delivers experience. We offer professional mastering services in all audio formats. We have experience with both large scale cinematic audio and music - with work reaching as high as #19 in the Billboard.

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Original Music

Scores for Film &


So you've got a movie, we love scoring. Have a corporate commercial, we're already writing compositions for you. Our songwriters and composers can help give your visuals the audio that can bring your vision to life.

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Podcast Recording & Production

From custom theme music to velvet smooth vocals, whether you want to record at the studio or collaborate across continents - our team has worked on podcasts of all kinds.

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Live Event

Concert Recording

Our state of the art live sound system will blow your events into stratosphere. Our remote preamp rack can be rolled in to record your shows as if you brought the studio to the stage!

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Including ATMOS Surround

Studio B boasts a full, 14 channel

Dolby Atmos mix setup capable of mixing audio in all surround formats that delivers an immersive, unforgettable music experience to your audience. 

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Sound Design &

Post Production

Whether you are shooting a movie, trailer, or corporate video - we've got experts to finalize your audio in post or create a beautiful sound design to supplement your video.

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Voiceover Recording & Production

Audio can make or break content...a great voice-over can reel your audience deep into your content, bad audio can rip them right out of the scene you've worked hard to immerse them in. Our voice-over production can make Mr. Freeman jealous - oh, and we are fluent in 4 languages to help you reach new audiences!

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Digital Distribution, Promotion, and Publishing

Writing, creating, and recording music is one thing - getting it out to the world is a completely different obstacle. We are set-up with global publishing capabilities and have the team and connections to promote and launch your career.  If you have what it takes, get in touch today!

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Field Recording 

for SFX & Post-Production

There are 2 components to film, visual and audio. Your audio will make or break your production. We can create the audio and SFX you need to turn your visuals into unforgettable experiences.