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Studio A is a beautiful 2,100SQF (23' x 31') live room consisting of a 16ft ceiling, 3 spacious isolation booths and a large control room.


The control room is built around our 60 channel Neve 88R console and recording can be done both in the analogue and digital. We have 2” 24 track tape machine with Dolby SR as well as a 1/2” 2 track mastering deck. In digital space we record with a Pro Tools HDX2 system that has a total IO of 96 channels.


Our live room is ideal to record large live sessions or string sections. We also use this space to produce our much liked Live Streams. The whole building is wired for 10G and 12G audio and video bandwidth allowing us to stream in 4K Dolby Atmos resolutions.


Studio A’s control room is centered around a stunning Neve 88R originally commissioned by Electric Lady Studios in NYC and later owned by Grammy Winning mixer Rich Costey.


You can record and mix on the exact console used on some of the most iconic albums of all time. The mojo in this console is beyond imagination. 

  • Neve 88R with 60 channels. Each channel has EQ, Dyn, Gate, Filter, 8 aux. Encore automation, recall and 6ch surround compressor.

  • Pro Tools HDX 64x64

  • Antelope Galaxy converter

  • Antelope 10 MX Master Clock

  • Otari MX-80 24 Track 2” Tape Recorder with Dolby SR system

  • Otari MTR-12 Mastering 1/2” Tape Recorder

  • Monitors ATC SCM 200 and Yamaha NS-10 with Bryston 4B-SST amp

  • Remote Pre- amps: 10 Neve 1081’s and 2 Air Montserrat

  • Trident A Range Channel Strip 2 preamps and EQ

  • Drawmer 1960 2 Pre- amps and Compressors 

  • Manley Massive Passive Eq

  • Audioarts 4200 eq

  • Tube Tech LCA 2B stereo vari mu compressor

  • Chandler LTD-2 Matched Pair of Mastering Compressors

  • DBX 162 VU compressor

  • Manley ELOP Levelling Amplifier

  • Orban 424A Stereo Compressor

  • Purple Audio MC77 compressor

  • Ridge Farm POM Boiler MKII dual compressor

  • Symmetric 501 2 compressors

  • UREI LA-4 2 compressors

See full equipment list for additional equipment and outboard gear

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Psst... if you come to the studio, ask him if he'll play for you his top secret Atmos mix (from the original multi-track) of one of the most iconic rock anthems ever recorded. 


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